Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)

When's the best time to order?

Orders may take as little as ten minutes to prepare or, in extreme cases, as long as two hours. Generally speaking, the longest wait times tend to fall around:

  • the lunch and dinner rushes (roughly 11:00am–2:00pm and 5:00pm–8:00pm);

  • weekends;

  • bad weather or road conditions (rain, snow, hail, construction);

  • major sporting events (Super Bowl, World Cup, etc.);

  • and everyone's favourite day to get pizza: Halloween (the busiest day of the year BY FAR).

Planning your order to avoid these will decrease wait times significantly.

Are you a dine-in place?

Nope, strictly take-out (pick-up, walk-in, and delivery).

Do you have "hot and ready" pizzas?

Other than slices during the daylight hours, no. Pizzas are freshly made-to-order according to customers' specifications.

Do you have any "specialty" pizzas?

We prefer to list toppings by name rather than giving pizzas gimmicky titles for the sole reason of clarity. For example, depending on who you ask, a "Hawaiian" pizza could be "ham, pineapple" or "ham, bacon, pineapple" or "ham, pepperoni, pineapple" or whatever combination of swine flesh and prickly tropical fruit the customer believes is a "Hawaiian". Listing toppings individually ensures customers receive exactly what they want.

Can I pre-order hours or days in advance?

Yes, though we generally only recommend (and encourage) it for larger orders. Please bear in mind that all quoted wait times, including orders delayed at the customer's request, are estimates. We thank you for and appreciate your patience and understanding.

Which is faster: pick-up or delivery?

We do not prioritize deliveries over pick-ups or vice versa: except for orders delayed by customer request, orders are made in the order that they are ordered. The pick-up quote is the approximate time the pizza will come out of the oven while the delivery quote is that time plus the time it takes to deliver the pizza to the address. Because of this, pick-up is always faster (and cheaper).

Can you "rush" my order?

No. While we try our best to make all orders as fast as possible and to accommodate special requests, any and all requests to "help you out" by placing your order ahead of others' are firmly denied.

Do you have any combos/specials?

All of our combos and specials can be found on our flyer and are available every day except where noted. We do not have any "unadvertised" specials.

Do you have whole wheat dough/gluten-free dough?

Currently no, due to a lack of demand and the extremely high risk of cross-contamination with gluten.

Why can't I order some items for pick-up over the phone?

We do not accept certain items—marked 'walk-in only' on the menu—to be phoned in for pick-up. Reasons for this include:

  • Keeping food hot and fresh: Whereas pizza and wings take longer to prepare and keep warm for a while, 'walk-in only' items are both made fairly quickly but become cold and soggy very fast.

  • Increasing accuracy: Reading shawarma toppings on a ticket is much more likely to result in an error than having the customer tell us directly.

  • Speediness and efficiency: instead of spending time relaying the order on the phone and then doubling that time by having to read it off, drop by in person and tell us then. Cut out the middleman!

  • Keeping the phone lines clear: Less call volume with fries orders = less busy signals for other orders = faster service in general.

  • Being fair to walk-ins: Serving customers on a first-come, first-served basis is the best way to manage the busy rushes. There's nothing more aggravating than having to wait for your fries while we're busy preparing a 20-sandwich order right in front of you for someone who hasn't even shown up yet!

  • Changing your mind: Want to add or remove a shawarma? Make a sauce change? Downgrade from a large to a regular fries? No problem, your order hasn't been made yet. Change away!

  • Not knowing our menu: It's a lot harder to convey our poutine sizes or list the myriad of items you can put in your sandwich over the phone. This way, "surprises" are avoided.

  • No-shows: Unfortunately, there are some people in this world who place an order and never pick it up. This is why we can't have nice things.

Calling and giving us a heads up for orders that are larger or are closer to closing time is always appreciated. However, we will not 'finish off' the order until you arrive in person (for example, shawarma meat and bread will be cooked before you arrive but not dressed until after, keeping wait times to a minimum and freshness to a maximum). We thank you for your understanding!

Can you deliver to [insert distant address here]?

Excluding larger orders placed well in advance on a case-reviewed basis, the borders outlined in the 'delivery area' on our flyer are very firm due to timing constraints. Even if you're "only a five-minute drive away," certain variables like the dinner rush, the return trip back to the shop, getting lost among unfamiliar streets, inclement weather, construction/traffic, and other factors beyond our control serve to exponentially increase wait times for you and other customers.

Note: attempting to bribe the order taker and/or driver with a large gratuity will not work (again, time is the issue, not gas money). There isn't a tip big enough to make up for other customers we may upset with our tardiness because we had to go out of our way to deliver to you.

We wish we could deliver to everyone/ship our pizza worldwide but, sadly, we cannot; the lines have to be drawn somewhere. We are but humble mortals, not teleporting pizza gods. :(

How do you pronounce 'gyros'?

Short answer: it's up to you!

Long answer: the word is of Greek origin (meaning 'turn', referring to the way in which the meat is roasted on a rotating vertical spit) and, thus, is not easily pronounceable for most English speakers. Common pronunciations include "YEE-roh," "JYE-roh," "JEE-roh," "GUY-roh," "GEE-roh," and others, with or without the 'silent S.' And those are just the ones used by our staff!

However you pronounce it, we'll know what you're talking about. (Just don't confuse it with 'shawarma'). :)

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