Carlo's Pizza & Grill is located in Fletcher Square, 1970 Rymal Rd. E., on the corner of Rymal and Fletcher. Click the marker on the map for directions.

Number: (905) 69-CARLO (905-692-2756)


Monday–Thursday: 11:00am–9:30pm

Friday–Saturday: 11:00am–10:30pm

Sunday: closed

Hours may vary on holidays. Check the 'News' page for upcoming dates.

Ordering Tips:

  • Wherever possible, call from a landline phone (avoid using cellphones, Bluetooth, and especially speakerphone). 
  • Have the order ready (be sure to have read our current flyer and our FAQ in their entirety). For faster service, please be as clear, concise, and decisive as possible.
  • Mention first if the order is for pick-up or delivery.
  • Please provide a contact number where we can reach you should we need to (it does not have to be the one you're calling from; cellphones are best if you're on the road). Please answer any phone calls you may receive from an unfamiliar number, as it could be a delivery driver's cellphone. 
  • Please disclose any food allergies/sensitivities or dietary restrictions (including religious) prior to ordering.
  • If you're on a tight schedule and timing might be an issue, be sure to ask for the estimated wait time before placing the order. Please note that all quoted wait times—including orders delayed by customer request—are estimates, not guarantees.
  • For pick-up orders, please provide a full name (first and last) if the first name is common (e.g., 'Mike', 'Jen', 'Joe', 'Kathy', etc.) and may result in picking up someone else's order.
  • For pick-up orders, the pick-up name does not have to be under the person picking up. For faster service, ensure the pick-up person knows the name that the order is under and at least a general idea of what the order contains.
  • For delivery orders, the address must first be provided at the beginning of the order to ensure that you are within our delivery area (note the delivery map on our menu).
  • For delivery orders, know the method of payment when calling: cash or card (Interac, Visa, Mastercard, and AmEx are accepted).
  • For delivery orders, have payment method ready before the driver arrives. If paying by card, ensure you know the PIN. Have your lights on if calling shortly before dusk. In the winter, make sure all pathways leading to your door are cleared of snow and ice. Mention any special instructions when stating the address (e.g., '123 Fake St., side door' or 'call on arrival' or, if calling for a business, the address and business name).
  • For delivery orders, we do not require a postal code or the city name or the street's spelling. We deliver locally and know all of the streets; the number you call is our actual shop that will be making your food, not a call centre that forwards the order to the chain store nearest your location.
  • Note the quoted time when you place the order and plan accordingly. If you are running late for pick-up, please give us a call and let us know. If we are running late for delivery, please give us a call no earlier than 15 minutes after the estimated time of arrival if it has still not arrived.